About Us

What we do?

The Polish Educational Society is a charitable organisation which has been supporting Polish education in Great Britain for almost 60 years.

The main thrust of our activities is the support of Polish Language Saturday Schools.

The aim of the organisation is to support the setting up and running of supplementary schools delivering ‘mother tongue subjects’: advice in how to set up a school, practical help with managing the school, activities to help raise teachers’ qualifications.

The Polish Educational Society also runs an Examination Centre where students are able to sit Polish Language examinations at GCSE and A Level.

We also:

  • prepare conferences and professional training for teachers.
  • run workshops to help prepare students for exams.
  • organise a series of events which bring together Polish pupils and students, such as our regular Laxton Hall Fun Day and frequent competitions.
  • help facilitate communications between Polish Language Saturday Schools and other organisations.
  • run a Bookshop which offers a wide selection of text books and Polish literature.
  • gather and collate information about all aspects of teaching ‘mother tongue subjects’ in Great Britain with the aim of supporting all interested parties: parents, students, headteachers, teachers.

Our plans

The present time is a time which has seen a sudden increase in the numbers of children born into Polish families in Great Britain and consequently the numbers of Polish Language Saturday Schools. The Polish Educational Society faces the great challenge of meeting growing demands. We are implementing plans to update functionality of our office by introducing improvements in information technology and communications.

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