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Razem Młodzi Przyjaciele 

The magazine has been published since 1968. Recently it has completely changed its layout, contents and size. The new editor in chief, Renata Jarecka, has worked hard to bring the magazine with a long heritage to a new life, by moving closer to the issues that interest young people today as well as giving the readers a chance to share their own views and experiences on the pages of the magazine.

The magazine’s content also includes materials helpful in preparation for the Polish GCSE and A-level exams, as well as the information about the upcoming events, games, quizzes and interesting stories.


Dziatwa is a childrens’ magazine with an amazing heritage. It has been published since the 1940s. At first, it was dedicated to Polish-speaking teenagers living in exile and was meant to be a source of knowledge about Polish culture and traditions. Currently, the magazine is addressed to young children at the primary school level. Dziatwa is beautifully illustrated and contains plenty of interesting materials introducing Polish history, culture and traditions to the youngest generation of Poles living in the UK. The magazine can be also a very useful tool for early years teachers.

Both magazines are published 4-monthly (3 issues a year).

 Choose subscription for your school:

  • If you order 1 – 9 copies  – you’ll pay £2.50 for each copy + delivery cost (pro forma invoice issued with the first dispatch)
  • If you order 10 – 30 copies – cost of a copy is reduced by 5% + delivery cost (invoice issued with each dispatch)
  • If you order 31 – 60 copies – cost reduced by 10% + delivery cost (invoice issued with each dispatch)
  • When ordering 61 + copies – cost reduced by 20% + delivery cost (invoice issued with each dispatch)

To subscribe the magazines, please download, the subscription form (in Polish). Fill in and send to us by e-mail at

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