Laxton Hall Fun Day

In the picturesque estate at Laxton Hall (near Corby, Northamptonshire), each year the Polish Educational Society and the Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales organise a Fun Day for children. This fantastic all-day outdoor event hosts thousands of Polish children from the whole of Great Britain – with lots of competitions, games and play!

Volleyball, basketball, football, tug-of-war, sack races, musical, art and recital competitions – these are just some examples of the types of fun events to take part in. Children from Polish Schools from the whole of England compete in many competitions, as well as individual and team sporting tournaments. They also take part in other organised events and workshops, such as for example jewellery making, painting and pony rides. Organised with great enthusiasm, the event is run annually with the help of about a hundred volunteers. In the competitions, the children receive fantastic prizes, but above all have great fun! The day ends with a usually friendly football match between teams of players from the Polish Catholic Mission and the Polish Embassy.

The joyful atmosphere is complemented with a Polish barbecue and café serving delicious traditional Polish culinary creations. It is a rare thing to have such a lovely day, full of experiences, in the beautiful grounds of an old country house and at the same time to meet one’s fellow students from Polish Schools from all over Great Britain. For both children and the volunteers (who also become children on this one, exceptional day), this is also a chance to make contact with others, to exchange experiences and perhaps even to create longstanding friendships! We invite you together with your Schools and parents to our fantastic holiday!

Laxton Hall Fun Day 2019

Laxton Hall Fun Day 2019 will take place on the 22nd June 2018.

More info here.

Laxton Hall Fun Day 2017!

You can download and print these posters for your school or organisation here (yellow), here (red) and here (blue).

This year, the Laxton Hall Fun Day will take place on the 17th of June 2017.

There are some new attractions planned for his year’s Fun Day.

Firstly, we are delighted to announce that this year, the Fun Day will happen under the patronage of the Polish Football Association! This means, amongst others, some very special prizes awaiting our Football tournament champions! Additionally, the games will be observed by one of the Association’s professional players!

Another novelty will be the Animal Farm and a fishing competition!

There is also something special planned for the parents: there will be a talk for them, explaining the benefits of bilingualism and some tips on how to best support the development of your bilingual child.

Other than that, the event’s programme consists of the usual attractions and includes the following:

  • Reciting competition
  • Music competition
  • Football tournament
  • Table-tennis
  • Arts and crafts (the children had an opportunity to make: masks, short comic books, necklaces, hand-painted plates, paper animals, 3D cards, dream-holiday islands, pirate’s huts)
  • Horse-riding and ponies
  • Chess (judged by professional chess players)
  • Netball
  • Tag
  • Sack racing
  • Slides: Snappy Dragon slide, Pink Panther slide
  • Teacup and saucer Carousel
  • Medieval Activity Run
  • 100ft Sporting Activity Run
  • Giant soap bubbles
  • NO NAME live band
  • Barbecue and drinks
  • Ice cream and candy-floss
  • Stalls with books and promotions
  • Cooking contest
  • Two coffee shops serving home-made cakes and hot beverages
  • A garden for mums with small children
  • Trophies and certificates for the winners

Additionally, the competition for teachers will be held for the third time. It will be a triathlon. This year it will be made up of the following disciplines:

  1. Three-legged race
  2. Reciting or singing
  3. Shots into the basket

The Fun Day’s Rules and Regulations 2017 can be seen here (in Polish).

The entire profit from the coffee shops and the barbecue will be donated towards the organisation of the Laxton Hall Fun Day 2018.

We look forward to seeing you in Laxton Hall!

How to take part?

BP0_8030resizedcroppedTaking part in the Laxton Hall Fun Day is free and it is open to all the Polish children (or those of Polish origin) together with their parents and teachers as well as for the whole families. As organisers, we require you to follow The Laxton Hall Fun Day rules (in Polish). Larger groups from the Polish Saturday Schools or other organisations are requested to send us an e-mail to the address shown in the header of this page. Please state where your group will be coming from and the approx. number of attendees. This information will help the organisers to prepare well for the event. The Polish Saturday Schools that wish to take part in the group tournements, such as football, are requested to send an e-mail with this information to the address shown in the header. If your students wish to take part in the individual contests, you don’t need to let us know, they will sign up on the day.

How to get there?

Please, see the map here.

The Laxton Hall Fun Day location plan

Please, see the location plan showing locations of sports activities, games and competitions.

We look forward to seeing you in Laxton Hall!

Laxton Hall Fun Day

Football at Laxton Hall Fun Day

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