A- level Exams

A Level examinations are the English equivalent of Polish matriculation exams. For many students in England, they are the end of their education. The results achieved determine to a large extent their chances of finding a job or progressing into higher education. Examinations are held in the Polish Social and Cultural Centre (POSK) in Hammersmith, London. Students sit Polish A Level Exams in summer series each year. Applications should be made on attached forms that can be downloaded from this Page. We provide our services in accordance with the AQA (awarding body) and the JCQ regulations.

A level and GCSE results days 2019

Alevel results day is 15 August in England and Wales.
GCSE results day is 22 August in England and Wales.

Collecting results

Students will be able to collect their results from 8.30 am.
In addition, the results will be sent by post to all students on the day of the results.

What if the results aren’t what you expected?

You can request a copy of the marked paper, or a clerical check, or a review of marking.
For more details and to get in touch with the relevant exam board, use the links: AQA.

Examinations 2019

To apply, please send a completed application form together with the fee. You can make a bank transfer, pay by cheque or in person in our office.  The form can be downloaded via the link below and contains all relevant details. Yo can send the application form by post or bring it to our office in person. More details can be found in the application form.


Please make sure you choose a relevant Application Form (AS or/and A2)


Information and application forms for candidates:

  • 2019 AS Application Form
  • 2019 A2 Application Form

Important Information for Candidates – documents in accordance with the JCQ regulations.
Please, familiarize yourself with these documents !

Information for candidates (Exam Centre no 10157):

Current specification for AS and A Level: 

Examination Series 2019 – essential information before applying.

Before staring application please read carefully the Regulations for Submitting Application Form for Polish Exams as it is an integral part of the application form. Please, familiarize yourself with Information for Candidates published by JCQ and Data Protection Policy For The Polish Educational Society. The A- Level examination in Polish takes place only once a year.  The exact dates are set up by AQA and cannot be modified.

Examinations are scheduled for the following days:

  • 22 May 2019 at 9:00 am  AS LEVEL EXAM (PLSH1) 2 h 30 min
  • 5 June 2019 at 9.00 am A2 LEVEL EXAM (PLSH 2) 3 h

Please make sure you can sit the exam on the day and at the time indicated above. Please make sure that you do not have any clashes with other exams on the same day. If you do or if you are not sure whether you do, we encourage you strongly to ask your school / home institution to enter you for the Polish exam(s). Our centre does not offer transfers.

Due to limited supervision and examination rooms capacities our centre is not able to offer any special access arrangements. If you require any special access arrangements, we strongly recommend enter for the exam with your school/home institution.

Please make sure you put all your personal details correctly and complete the application form neatly. Please make sure you supply your Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) number. All changes to your personal details due to your mistake or unclear writing may incur a fee. The application fee is not refundable.

Please note that all correspondence to candidates is being sent by post. Please update details of your address in writing as soon as it is needed.

Deadline for submitting the application: the 15th of February 2019.

After this date you can still submit your application, however a higher examination fee applies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


We wish you good luck on your exam! 


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