Fundraising for supplementary schools

Polish supplementary schools (also called Saturday schools) are a part of Non-Governemnt Organisations sector (NGOs) in the UK. The schools can use two main and complementary ways of fundraising: charging parents for the service of providing supplementary education as the basic source of its funds and additionally can apply for grants to other institutions and foundations.

Below you will find the presentation on applying for funding for supplementary schools prepared by Gosia McKane, founder and leader of Merseyside Polonia, community organisation based in Liverpool. The material was presented during training sessions ‘Management of supplementary school finances’ in Belfast and Manchester in 2015.

Gosia McKane, ‘Management of supplementary school finances’ training sessions

Material presented at the training session ‘Management of supplementary school finances’, Belfast – Manchester, November 2015

Gosia McKane, Applying for funding for your school


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