Bilingualism – questions and answers – the guide for parents and teachers

The guide has been created by Dr Anna Martowicz, Polish teacher and linguistics researcher, the founder of “Give your child a gift of your mother’s language” campaign. The campaign is run by the Association for the Promotion of Polish Language Abroad (APPLA) based in Edinburgh.
Please, visit the campaign website here to read more.

Please, click on the link to browse the Guide (in Polish):
Dwujęzyczność w pytaniach i odpowiedziach.

We’d like to thank Dr Anna Martowicz for kindly allowing us to publish the Guide.

‘’the web portal dedicated to bilingual matters

The web portal is dedicated to parents of Polish children living abroad as well as Poles who speak at least two languages or live in multi- language environment. The web portal offers many, valuable and useful materials, articles and presentations, which are a great source of information and resources suitable for parents’ meetings and teachers’ workshops on bilingualism.

The editing team of the web portal consists of very well acclaimed psychologists from the Jagiellonian University and specialists on language studies and bilingualism involved in various linguistic and bilingual projects.

A guide for parents of bilingual children – published by Polish University Abroad

A collection of articles written by Polish University Abroad teachers and researchers from other institutions can be found on the Polish University Abroad website (in Polish).

Multilingual Families – an international project that helps parents bring up their children multilingually

It is a European Union funded education project that supports and informs immigrant or multilingual parents how and why to raise their children multilingually. It is targeted at preserving the languages and culture of the 47.3 million immigrants living in the European Union and the many families with parents with more than one language.

On the project’s website you’ll find a base of resources for parents and teachers such as guides, methodological manuals, exercises and case studies.
Guides, tips and other materials for parents can be found here.

Bilingualism Matters

An international project aiming to bridge the gap between researchers and the community.
On the project’s website there is a number of interesting and valueble resources as well as information about forthcoming events and information sessions regarding bilingualism.
We recomend especially the blog containing lots of very informative reading about bilingualism.

Notable Poles on the subject of bilingualism and the importance of learning your mother’s tongue

  • Polish Ambassador in Great Britain, Witold Sobków in “The Guardian”: “Learning Polish, the UK’s second most spoken language, is a plus”. Read the full article here.
  • Vice-chancellor of the Cambridge University, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz in “The Guardian”: “Bilingualism offers ‘huge advantages'”. Read the full article here.

On-line consultations

The foundation “Sto Pociech” runs on- line consultations via e-mail or skype as part of the project (Z)Powrotem w Polsce (Back to Poland).  The purpose of the consultation is to support pupils and their parents who are planning to return to Poland or those who suffer from adaptation difficulties.

More information can be found here (attachment in Polish).


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