Working in a Polish Supplementary School

Working at a Polish Language Supplemetary School

Working as a teacher at a Polish Language Saturday School is work for someone with a real passion!  It is work for someone with an infectious enthusiasm for sharing a love and respect of the language and culture of Poland.  It is work for someone who is creative and steadfast in seeking out teaching methods suitable for groups which are frequently of mixed ability.

Polish Language Schools in Great Britain are supplementary schools.  Teaching is delivered once a week for only a few hours on Saturday.  Schools are supported mainly by way of subscription paid by the parents.
The work of a teacher in a Polish Language Saturday School consists therefore of a limited number of hours, the pay is modest and in many cases more akin to a reimbursement of expenses than to a salary.
Teachers in some schools are volunteers.
The situation for each individual school is best explained by asking the school directly.

An essential requirement for securing a teaching role at a Polish Language Saturday School is a very good understanding of English, for the simple reason that students often communicate in English much better than in Polish.  In some situations, the work is in effect teaching Polish as a foreign language.

If you meet the above expectations and are interested in working at a Polish Language Saturday School, please see the list of current vacancies.

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